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I'm used to it... I am just sad about what it makes you.

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4 ways to measure the trust and honesty in your marriage

In a marriage, the level of honesty with each other determines the level of intimacy with each other. Here are 4 ways to test your current strength and evaluate areas for improvement.

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Lose Weight With These 50+ Meals Under 500 Calories

We should be honest with our workouts and diets too! Whether we are over eating OR under eating...

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Lies kill: - Relationships with friends, family, spouses and God.. - Character - You eventually believe the lie, defend the lie and in the end the lie kills you or someone you love or your family... - The truth and what is right in front of you And that is what is real...

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Love. I may get mad in the moment but that will pass soon after where a lie stays forever...

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Why is it so hard to be honest to someone in stead of avoiding the real truth, ignoring or avoiding them only makes you look bad and they will never believe anything you might have told them. In the end your the one that loses not them.

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Anyone can give you attention and compliments, but someone who loves you will give you that plus respect, honesty, trust, and loyalty. ~Charles Orlando Lessons Learned In Life

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This is so true!

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if you choose to be in

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It Isn’t Love – It Is Narcissistic Abuse

You soon finding yourself saying I can't do this anymore and then you decide being single has never looked more attractive. For the first time you realize some people really don't care. It's so sad but real!

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