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I’m In // Week 3 — Don’t let doubt keep you out. Have you ever known someone who tells the truth no matter what? One of those people who can’t help but be honest even when the result might not be very good? We all probably know someone whose honesty has gotten them (and maybe even us) in trouble. And when that happens, we find ourselves thinking that things probably would’ve been better if they’d kept their mouths shut. In other words, we tend to think that honesty isn’t always the best…

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Never thought about how true this is until I left my ex, then all he did and said behind my back Came out of the woodwork. Everyone's true thoughts about him came out too. So glad I know and completely trust my babe now. Honesty loyalty and trust are needed in a relationship

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LOVE THIS.....Relationships are about trust. If you have to play detective, the it is time to move on.

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En algunos casos, aún mostrando pruebas, no les resulta ja ja ja No sé si es que ignoran lo que no les conviene, les cuesta aceptar que fueron muy duros sin saber la verdad o simplemente muy testarudos para creerlo aún viendo la prueba... Me inclino por la tercera, se le conoce por testarudo/a*

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