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"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes...including you." -Anne Lamott

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Don't give up! <3

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Sometimes even the smallest acts, are indeed acts of bravery and kindness. Be mindful. You never really know the internal magnitude of another person's actions or there meaning to them. ~BlackCat

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no matter what life throws at them

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Anne Lamott on How We Endure and Find Meaning in a Crazy World

Anne Lamott on How We Endure and Find Meaning in a Crazy World | Brain Pickings Stitches - looks like a great book! How could it NOT be?

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Not sure what this means but think it's a good thing?

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I love thid

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...when God enters the scene miracles happen...

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This is goals I hope that in 2017 you ladies can all focus a little more on YOU. That doesn't mean look at yourself and judge every part of you - that MEANS focus on how you feel. Do things for yourself that make you LOVE YOURSELF. Do things that make you happy and do them without guilt or embarrassment. No, that is not self centred - it is NOT vain. Loving yourself is something many people attempt to do but never actually achieve. Take small steps, set goals and slowly but surely you wi...

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