Horizontal ridges in nails

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What is causing the deep horizontal ridges and swollen cuticles in my client’s nails? - Nails Magazine

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French physician Joseph Honoré Simon Beau first described "Beau's lines," or transverse ridges -- horizontal grooves on the nail -- in 1846.

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nails: <p>That peeling might be telling you it's time to eat better. Those horizontal ridges? Could be a stress SOS. There's a lot of health information right at your fingertips, so take a look!</p>

Hot roll hair on-base in bricklayer fashion.Create a horizontal parting at the parietal ridge on each side (this will be the largest section) and secure in a loose pony. Separate small sections of the pony and twist, knot or rope braid and pin to create the bottom design. With the remaining hair, mimic your design and work the two sections together. Finally, take the fringe section and create a loose French braid to intertwine in the design. Finally, set with a finishing spray

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Ridges on nails are the parallel lines on the nails that may either run in a vertical way or in horizontal way. These horizontal lines are known as the Beau’s lines which are also as the Beau’s illness. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment and home remedies for Beau Lines or Horizontal lines on Nails.

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