Love this pealed skin effect. To begin with it almost appears as though the model has been injured or in an accident then in the second image it appears as though she may be a daemon or vampire. This is a look i will be creating within my group image of a zombie apocalypse.

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Creative makeup which is a stereotypical aspect of the horror genre. This shows the lesser a theme of violence but a theme of infection. No use of blood but these effects are just as good. This is a simplistic but effective makeup look.

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Totally wishing I wasn't a teacher or had a little one to creep. I'd totally do this for a grown up par-Tay.

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Corpse Bride Makeup- I like this more than caking myself in face paint to try to look like the Tim Burton character

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DIY Horror makeup - good for a gun shot to the face and it looks super easy!

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