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Hosta 'Mediovariegata' (undulata). Click image to learn more, add to your lists & get care reminders. Other names: Wavy plantain lily, Hosta 'Mediovariegata' (undulata) Genus: Hosta Species: H. undulata var. undulata - H. undulata var. undulata forms ovate, twisted, rich green leaves marked creamy-white in the center, and funnel-shaped light purple flowers on stems.


Hosta ‘Undulata Albomarginata’ - Height 16-18". Spread 31-39", Full-part shade, zones 3-9. This medium-sized heirloom selection has dark-green leaves streaked with lighter green, and a wide creamy-white margin. Lavender flowers appear in July. Great for massing or edging.


1. Хоста волнистая (Hosta undulata) "Albomarginata". 2. Хоста вздутая (Hosta ventricosa). 3. Хоста Зибольда (Hosya sieboldiana). 4. Астильба гибридная (Astilbe x hybrida). 5. Клопогон раскидистый (Cimicifuga rasemosa). 6. Страусник обыкновенный (Matteucia struthiopteris). 7. Тиарелла сердцелистная (Tiarella cordifolia).


Oh, how I love Hostas...first they peep, then they creep, and THEN THEY LEAP INTO THEIR FULL BEAUTY...shade, water lightly ,a perfect perennial for Dallas.


1. Зеленчук желтый — Caleobdolon luteum. 2. Гортензия древовидная — Hydrangea arborescens. 3. Клопогон кистевидный — Cimicifuga racemosa. 4. Птицемлечник зонтичный — Ornithogalum umbellatum. 5. Чистец шерстистый — Stachys lanata. 6. Аконит клобучковый — Aconitum napellus. 7. Медуница сахарная — Pulmonaria saccharata. 8. Хмель обыкновенный — Humulus lupulus. 9. Страусник обыкновенный — Matteuccia struthiopteris. 10. Можжевельник казацкий — Juniperus sabina. 11. Хоста волнистая — Hosta…


'Mediovariegata' Hosta undulata -Soft white leaves and striking green borders hallmark. low maintenance, grows well in moist‚ shade. -grows to about 18 inches and can spread between 32 to 36 inches. made for the shade!