Name: Caleb Age: 19 About: Loves to rein and cow rope, he has two horses and a dog, Hotshot (chestnut) Nena ( Grey), Hotshot does reining and cow roping but Nena only does reining, and his dog Clyde, she fallows Caleb every where! Has no girlfriend

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cowboy (not sure this is exactly what Louis L'Amour had in mind...but maybe if E.L. James writes a western) ;D

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Um, indeed (and also why does it say teenage bucket list in this? This should not be on a teenage bucket list. For realz...)

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Well, HI there. Your gorgeous. Can I PLEASE marry a good old country man, horse lovin'/ridin' hard workin' cowboy???!!!! €

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The Cowboy Way. Find her. Protect her. Spoil her. Dance with her and never stop loving her or someone else will.

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Four Cowboys cklym cowboys

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