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((Open rp, be her?)) Me and my friend, Luna, were skyping "I cant see you" she complains. I lean down amd wink ((the gif))


Trent} Hey I'm Trent, I'm 17, Single and Bi, I'm kinda weird and I don't know, emo I guess? *Smirks* I love to cause trouble and I share a cabin with my sister, Jenna. See ya around! *Winks*

from Berry

Afternoon eye candy: Shirtless Friday: GIF Edition! (15 photos)

((OPEN RP, someone please be him)) He takes off his shirt and fixes his hair, sending a blush over my cheeks. One of the jocks had spilled beer on him and I had gone into the bedroom with him to help clean it off. He tosses the shirt at me "Don't look" he chuckles as he looks in the drawers for a new shirt. I blush more and look down, but quickly look back up. He wasn't looking at me but his abs were facing me and I couldn't help but stare. I don't notice when he returns his eyes to me.