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Be your own boss!!! 54 Bedroom Hotel in Margate Kent For Sale Margate, Kent, England Advert Ref: 3004

So, We Didn't Go To Dreamland

Lovely lunch at the Sands Hotel in Margate -yum!

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Liberated New Zealand POWs enjoying their first meal back at the Grand Hotel in Margate, Kent, England/April 1945

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A Mini History of “World’s Largest” Roadside Attractions

This is Lucy. She started life as a hotel in Margate, New Jersey. She now is a tourist attraction in that same town.

A very strange photograph which we cannot explain. This was taken during a ghost hunt at The Walpole Bay hotel in Margate Kent in aid of The Children's Trust charity. The image that is seen in the mirror or on the wall did not exist in other photographs. We have no explanation to how or what created this.

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