An old dog bed sown with grass seed - must remember to buy grass seed in the fall for winter and lots of dollar store plastic growing tubs!

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cheap clean hay feeder - - House Rabbit Information Forum - - BINKYBUNNY FORUMS - DIET & CARE

It's a fact. Rabbits chew. But don't worry, rabbit proofing your home can be easy when you know what you're doing.

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As an example, a rabbit could have 1 egg cup of pellets and a pile of hay per day, plus a selection of vegetables. One day it might be a cauliflower leaf and fresh basil/parsley and another day blackberry leaves, fresh grass and a small carrot.

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Responsible Rabbit Care- this is the proper food pyramid for a rabbit, i do say though that it's a little less than 5% for treats, also carrots are a veggie but are high in sugar and are considered a treat depending on how much you give to your lovable bunny :)

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