:) This will never happen...I even forget my list

These days, my idea of living dangerously is going grocery shopping without a list.

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Retrolicious and Snarky! 25 Anne Taintor Kitchen Scenes

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Where’s my apron, pearls, and 1950s calendar…

lol, it's definitely not my calling...

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Stay at home life

He asked me why the house isn't clean since I'm home all day. I asked him why we aren't rich since he works all day. This is too funny. Work is absolutely horrible. please calm me.

Vintage Housewife ~ Dear Netflix, Yes, I'm still here...just gotta put the clothes in the dryer. LOL!!! (I get things done WHILE watching movies! Ha!)

I have so much housework. What movie should I watch ? - vintage retro funny quote >>> Why is this so true! Whenever I need to get something done.

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Kid And Parent Humor Mom, what is normal? It's just a setting on the dryer, honey.

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lol I love this! I aspire to be a successful stay at home mother! Still able to make that coin! But spend most of my time raising my family and enjoying them!

Very amusing, I know. Lol!

A happy homemaker showing off her wonderful new dishwasher. A vintage kitchen dishwasher ad,