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Harry Potter Christmas tree. Ok, how can I get my train in the middle of the tree.......

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3 Simple Ways to Get Traffic to A New Blog (for free)

Blogging Tips || New Blog || Blog Traffic || It's the biggest challenge new bloggers face - how do you get consistent blog traffic??? I'm breaking it down here in the latest post on my three favorite ways even new bloggers can get traffic. No $ required. via /thismamalearns/


I hate when this happens. And then I get texts from myself, and I can't complain to anyone about how annoying I can be!!!

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DIY Drop Pocket Jeans

I have an obsession with reworking denim. The addiction has justified my reasoning for never getting rid of jeans, much to my husband's chagrin, no matter how old they are. Really, there's nothing that a pair of scissors can't overhaul. To date, we've patched holes, fringed cuffs, embroidered


how can anyone doubt the calm strength of this woman...she has been consistently lied about and still stays focused...tell the truth about Trump and he goes off in a tantrum....


Dancing Dallon Weekes - Panic! at the Disco

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Does the thought of designing a landing page freak you out?

Does the thought of designing a simple landing page freak you out? In this post I give you examples and ideas of what goes into a high converting landing page. I show you why they are important and step-by-step how you can create your first. Need a checklist so that you'll avoid landing page mistakes, get it here.


... Everything that comes easy goes away easy when people ask me How can I get muscles fast or loose weight fast... This are my thoughts...sometimes the Hard way Are the better And most healthier for your Body. It works also with loosing weight fast If you loose weight doing fad diets or other easier way you will gain back the weight just as easy as you got your results. But if you do the proper way It is harder To gain the weight back up. So i suggest To try Hard Workout Hard And make some…


How Can I Get the School to Provide an Appropriate Reading Program?

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How I Managed to Gain 4.8k Pinterest Followers With Little Effort

How I Managed to Gain 4.8k Pinterest Followers With Little Effort – Are you struggling trying to grow your Pinterest following and you're getting nowhere. You try following other pinners in hopes of them following you back, but that's not working. How the heck can you gain more followers then? Within six months I went from 600-4.8k followers and I'm following less than 200 pinners. Learn the steps to increasing your Pinterest followers.