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How Old Are Humans

The thing that human people suffer about most – you think it's money, but it isn't, it's your mortality – you're worrying about your mortality, you're worrying about the mortality of others, you're looking at how old you are and counting how many years you have left, or you're regretting how much you didn't get done instead of using your powerful now to connect with your powerful energy and flourishing in this moment in time.


**TO BE DESTROYED 11/30/16** SWEET SENIOR BONNIE NEEDS YOU TONIGHT!! BEGINNER RATED! A volunteer writes: I don't know what kind of life petite Bonnie used to have. But one thing's for sure: she was shown true love by humans somewhere along the way. How else to explain why a cat who looks like she's been through so much is still so incredibly affectionate, gentle, and calm? When I met her Bonnie the other day, she immediately bowed her head for pettings and head-butted me in return. She…


These are dragons as humans, and there are two things i noticed : -Meatlug looks like Amethyst from Steven Universe . -Check the way Stormfly is holding Toothless (so cute !!!!)


All wild animals can be tamed, not all can live in cages. We're too worried about "just anyone" handling wild animals, but don't remember that God gave ALL mankind dominion over ALL animals, everyone not just the wildlife center. Why not educate rather than punish people who God gifted with a love of wild animals. Who are we to play God? We value animals more than a 1 week old human being inside a woman. We kill and murder the helpless human child and then go crazy when someone shoots a…


The difference between how Native Americans, who are trying to protect everyone's drinking water, and how white, armed, anti-government land grabbers are treated.


* so, uh, a lot of you wanted to know how old we are. * not sure how it translates to human years, but there are some pictures on the fridge if you want to check ‘em out.


Aw, cute, but lemme tell you what this really is. It may seem like these cats are proud of the new baby, but in reality, they're sitting there, planning on how they can recruit her into their evil army and use her to their advantage. Not so cute now, is it? The more you know!


The idea that these steps in temple complex of Sacsayhuaman was built just a few hundred years ago using nothing but primitive tools is so utterly idiotic that only an orthodox archaeologist could dream it up! No records have been left describing when and how it was built. The outer walls may be hundreds of thousands of years old. The Incas may have repaired the upper sections of the zigzag walls & built the lesser structures, but nothing explains the size of these steps built for Giants.


Make sure your children stay on top of their reading grades whilst taking part in this engaging Christmas task. This guided reading activity, aimed at 9, 10 and 11 year olds, tests childrens comprehension, retrieval, inference and deduction skills. It will also promote engaging classroom discussion as children focus on the horror and humanity of Christmas in the trenches during World War One.The activity has questions and answers, with an indication of how many marks are on offer at the end…