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How Old Is Clinton

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About How That Healthcare.Gov Thing Is Working… *Open Thread* UPDATED

Plain Old White Trash! As an Arkansan, I can tell you it's the truth. Not very Arkansan sees the Clintons as royalty. We see them for the thieves, liars, scam artists, pedophile, and murderers they are!


Just because it's usually followed by how old are they and it's still sad to explain.. But my answer is always 3


Sure is funny how true this is. Media up to same old tricks. Picking leaders for the masses by reporting how the men in real power order them to.


ANONYMOUS has put together this video about the CLINTON CRIMINAL ORGSNIZATION: for those of you too young to remember especially some of the scandals, cover ups, murders, drug cartel and money laundering... PLEASE SHARE! These are FACTS: especially aboutt Bill Clinton's drug trafficking while he was governor, the Mena Airport and cocaine parties with 15 year olds, and how Bill Clinton began the money laundering... and each and every government official who helped build the Clintons most who…


Soros the puppet master. The goof balls of socialism and radical behaviors. How many skeltons are in your closets? Two old farts that smell like sulfer. Everything you have belongs to GOD!!!Your bodies are to be temples of the LORD, but apparently you both abuse them in the worst kinda ways. Repentance is the key to salvation whether you like it or not!!!

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Laura Bush Photos Photos: Dignitaries, President, Family Attend Funeral Mass For Ted Kennedy

Presidents, notice how old Bill Clinton Looks...The presidency took it toll on all the Presidents...Obama get more gray every day and in every way...


U.S. president-elect Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, hug each other during an appearance at the Old State House in Little Rock, Ark., following the presidential election victory, Tuesday night, Nov. 3, 1992.