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How to cook well done steak

How to Cook the Perfect Steak in a Cast Iron Pan

The Perfect Restaurant Steak - pan seared in the cast iron skillet for 2 mins per side then thrown into an oven with a pad of butter for 7 mins at 400 degrees. Medium, increase time for medium well.

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I feel we should have this guide at the Lighthouse. Would save some customers a lot of confusion! And is frustration when they send back perfect steaks!

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14 Bad Ass Life Hacks to Improve Your Existence Gallery: Life Hacks: Steak Doneness Picture |

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How to Sear a Sear-iously awesome steak. (Love the "Well: GET OFF MY PLANE")

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(Raw -Crú) (Rare-Mal Passado) (Medium Rare -Ponto p/ Mal) (Medium - Ao Ponto) (Done - Ao Ponto p/ Bem) (Well Done - Bem Passado)

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