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How to Crop your Subject's Body The Right Way #infographic

How to Crop your Subject's Body The Right Way - When our brains don't receive the visual information that we expect to see, it tends to creep us out. That's the effect that usually happens in photography and photo editing whenever a person's body is cropped at the joints. hat's not to say that you should never crop at the joint. In some situations, that might be an intentional choice that's better suited for the particulars of your photo.

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A simple guide to where you should (and shouldn’t) crop a person in a picture

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Josh Dun Twenty One Pilots Whose pretty hand is that? How rude to be cut out of a picture with Josh!

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Creative Ideas How To Display Your Indoor Plants

Artistic Concepts How To Show Your Indoor Crops. >>> Find out even more by clicking the picture

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Can we learn how to produce clean magnetic energy by studying crop pictures? by Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) THE MOVEMENT OF THE LEMNISCAT!!!!!!!!!

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How to Wear Cropped Jeans, Even When It's Freezing Out

How to wear cropped jeans when it's freezing outside

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Resolution - Print Size Chart The numbers on the chart stand for dots per inch (dpi) they say the human eye does not see much beyond 96 dpi, that should give you a good example of what will work to make a good quality print.

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