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Wedding Makeup Tips For The DIY Bride

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10 Tricks For Making Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Contouring. Mine looks like a muddy mess afterward after trying this though.

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11 Easy And Simple 10 MInute DIY Hacks To Enhance Your Contouring Routine

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How to Contour Your Face to Look Younger

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How to Contour For Your Face Shape

We love contouring, but you're likely to get the best Instagram-worthy result if you contour according to your face shape. Follow our simple guide to find out just where you should contour based on your unique facial features.

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Define your face shape before doing contouring. #makeup #contour- must learn how to contour!!!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Makeup: How to highlight and contour your face with makeup like a pro?

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How To this is crazy what they do w makeup. gentlemen beware of what your lady actually looks like...

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Top 10 Tutorials for Perfect Lipstick

LIP'S! Want beautiful plump looking lip's? You have to know how to do it! Women are not usually born with plump, smooth, beautiful lip's. But take some tip's if you are like me and definitely want them!

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