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Acai Bowl how to #SkinnyFoxDetox [ ]

The Perfect Smoothie Bowl

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How to Get from Narita Airport to Tokyo

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How to Get Over Your Flying Anxiety [Infographic]

How to Get Over Your Flying Anxiety [Infographic

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Growing Apple trees from seed.

Get a paper towel and wrap your apple seeds in them. Wet the paper towel and put it in the plastic bag. Make sure the plastic bag is sealed tight, and put it in the fridge. Your seeds should take about a month to germinate but check every few weeks and wet again if dry. Your seeds will start to have little white sprouts coming out of them soon enough that's when you know there ready for planting.

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How to Go from Rome to Amalfi Coast and Sorrento

How to get to Sorrento, Positano, Pompeii, and Mount Vesuvius from Rome or Naples, Italy with train and ferry information.

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How to Get From Las Vegas to Death Valley

Death Valley Map: Death Valley may be in California, but it's closer to Las Vegas than you think.

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We all know alcohol is bad for our diets. But we’re human, and drinking is awesome! Use this chart to maximize your drinking night by choosing drinks with the highest amount of calories from alcohol, not calories from fillers! The better the alcohol-to-calorie ratio, the less drinks you’ll need to attain glorious drunkenness

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What I'm Reading // My Favorite Success Resources

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What to Know About Traveling by Train in Italy

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