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How to Be a Journalista (Plus Two Journaling Myths

Have you always wanted to journal but don't really know where to start? Here are some ideas of how to get started with journaling plus two journaling myths that might be keeping you back. Click to read more.

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Teach Yourself How to Hand Letter

Requiring little more than a pen and paper, hand lettering is accessible to everyone. Read on for how to teach yourself how to hand letter.

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Journal Practice

A daily journal practice: Builds confidence, Increases self-acceptance, Encourages self-discovery, Overcomes procrastinating, Defeats resistance and fear, Creates a positive environment, Encourages self-care, Motivates productivity. Journaling is an incredible tool that digs deep into the roots of who you are, what you want, how you are living your life, and why. As I've been journeying down the path of Mindfulness this year, the WHY has been on my mind each day. Why do I wake up when I do?…

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How to save money with a saving tracker in your bullet journal. This is such a great way to do the 52 week money challenge! What a great bullet journal spread!

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“How was your day today ? This year I decided to track my days and making a pixel picture of 2016 ! // Comment s'est passée votre journée aujourd'hui ?…”

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