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12 Inspiring Backyard Lighting Ideas

Ok, these are just cool. These are cracked log lamps made by artist Duncan Meerding, via ‘Recycled Interiors’. You have to go check out how he makes these! I would love these all through a woodland garden! Fairy garden!

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DIY Log Santas~ we just cut some trees down, so now to start working on my husband about this sweet Santa project. : )

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How to make a Swedish fire log

A Swedish fire log, also known as a Canadian candle, is a log that has been vertically cut and set on fire. What's great about the fire is that it's self-feeding. The log burns from the inside out and the fire can last for two to five hours depending on the size and material of the wood. Here's how to make one of these fancy fire logs!

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How to Add Characters to Your Writing Bullet Journal

Creating a bullet journal for your writing is an amazing way to stay organized. Find out how to keep track of your characters in collections within your bullet journal by clicking through to this post! | Something Delicious

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Need a blog post promotion strategy after you hit publish?

Are you wondering why you hardly get any shares and comments? Are you looking for tips on how to promote your blog posts to get more shares? The problem could lie with not having a blog post promotion strategy. You're simply not getting sufficient eyeballs on your content. In this post I give you ideas on how to craft your own promotion strategy and grab the cheat sheet to help with it! via @meerakothand

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How I Plan to Make Money Blogging On a New Blog

How I Plan to Make Money Blogging On a New Blog | Ahh! I can't believe it's been almost a year since I started my new blog. I want to make money from home and I know I can do it with a blog. Do you want to make money blogging? In this post I lay out the exact plan to make money online from using social media to email and more! Click here to read my plan and go ahead and steal it too!

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So these are another two pages I just wanted to try in my bullet journal. At least for two months to see if I really use or need them. Sleeping is very important for being healthy. But sometimes I go to bed very late when I must wake up early. Just to see how actually my sleep rhythm goes I will color out the hours I slept in the month to see what I can change or to remember myself to get enough sleep. So on the left you see a sleep log. And on the right side I will try a gratitude log…

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