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Magic Trick Secret: How to get Paper Clips to Attach

Fun & easy magic trick activities for little ones! My boys love magic tricks - this one is simple.

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How to never wait in line at Disney World (and still ride everything!) Tips and tricks for avoiding long lines.
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How to Vanish a Coin Under a Glass - Easy Magic Trick

How to Vanish a Coin Under a Glass - Easy Magic Trick: Here's a great vanishing coin trick that is also a DIY craft project. You can get as fancy with the props as you wish and the trick is easy to learn and perform. It's perfect for beginners and kids.

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How to Pass a Coin through the Hand | Coin Tricks - Great party trick & icebreaker - "Let me show you a magic trick."

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See How To Perform Science Magic Tricks with Water

How to Turn Water into Anti-Gravity Water: Water has an extremely high surface tension. Under the right conditions, it sticks to itself more strongly than gravity acts to pull it down.

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How To Save Money on Food At Disney Parks

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I've had several people ask how to do the trick that made Divinations class at the Harry Potter party, and wanted to share.

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Do Magic Tricks That Require No Equipment

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15+ Tricks for Kids to Learn

15+ fun tricks for kids to learn! Easy and fun magic tricks and optical illusions to impress the kids or teach them to show their friends.

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