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This Is How To Make Your Very Own Harry Potter Feast

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How to Make a Glowing Mud-Like Substance Out of Potatoes

These are all by the same youtuber! Which you should go subscribe because he is awesome at all of his YouTube videosDon't forget to like this up and follow me! :) If you want me to follow you let me know in the chat. ❤️Thanks guys! 😘❤️😘

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This tutorial shows a step that the others didn't! CROCHET: How to crochet a Magic circle | Bella Coco - YouTube

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I like how they used the guy from the hp movies because we know how everyone feels about Johnny Depp

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I'm writing a comic in which a lot of my characters use 'white magic's. What if they were causing the trouble all along? I would basically force the readers to learn to love characters and then reveal their true evil and make them wonder how they could love something so diabolically bad.

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How to Make Magic Hard Shell Topping for Ice Cream

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How to Make Magical Black Salt

How to Make Magical Black Salt | In some hoodoo and folk magic traditions, black salt is used as a protective element. It can be blended up and sprinkled around your property to keep your home safe from intruders or troublemakers. It is traditionally used to drive away evil, and can even be sprinkled in the footprints of someone who is bothering you, to make them go away.

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