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How to Make Mehndi (Henna) Paste: Given below is a basic henna paste recipe, you can try it out and add to it to suit your needs. To make henna paste or mehendi Boiling water – 1 cup Black tea or coffee – 2 tbsp Sifted henna powder (make sure you sift the powder before …


Ok Kids- lots of questions about how to achieve a dark stain... Here's the recipe I use. I mix everything at once making a thick (unusable) paste, let it rest for about 5 hours, mix out the lumps, and slowly add more tea until your paste reaches the perfect consistency. make sure paste is left on the skin for at least 3 hours, but 5-8 hours is awesome keep your fresh stain out of water for a full 24 hours. #henna #hennamix #hennapaste #heartfirehenna #hennarecipe #hennamagic #mehndi


5 Tried And Tested Tips To Make Mehndi Dark

Women love to decorate their hands with henna. But, how to make mehndi dark so that it can really steal the attention. Here are the 5 tips for a darker mehndi.

Learn to mix the perfect henna paste on your own for great staining, easy-to-work with mehndi paste.


website has lots of henna hints and tips from making your own henna paste to how to make a cone