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How to Grow Garlic

How to Plant and Grow Garlic from -- NOW is the time to plant garlic for next summer's harvest. Super easy and almost no maintenance!

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How to grow garlic indoors using a garlic clove that had sprouted in with the onions. So much easier that I thought it would be. Grew so fast I had to transplant it to a bigger pot after just a couple of weeks. So much fun.

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How and When to dig up Garlic

How to plant and grow garlic

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How to Grow Garlic

Fall is the time to plant garlic. Garlic is easy to plant and care for, and it takes up very little space in the garden. Click here to learn how to grow garlic...

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How to Grow Garlic

How to plant garlic (one clove produces up to twenty more) - you can always have fresh garlic!

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If you have LOADS of garlic and no way to keep it without spoilage, this blogger has made the process easy with all her photos and how she figured out how to do it! Maybe I'll try planting garlic again ..

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How and When to dig up Garlic

How to plant and grow garlic

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How to Braid and Cure Fresh Garlic

Roots help the bulb to dry, and can be left intact for the curing period. Before long-term storage, the roots should be cut off, being careful not to remove the hardened root base. This will help the cloves stay juicy in storage.

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How to Plant Garlic in Containers