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I tried the tutorial just to see how it would turn out... I may need to do this when I have company over.

I tried the tutorial just to see how it would turn out... I may need to do this when I have company over.

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How Olivia Palermo Wears Leather Culottes (Le Fashion)

Photo via: People Style Olivia Palermo is the epitome of chic no matter the event and this leather culotte look is certainly no exception. The fashion darling pulled off a pair with the help of a chun


I love that reverb effect, I can never figure out how to pull it off

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How to Replace Attic Cord with Hook and Pull

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40 of the Best Cute Hair Braiding Tutorials

Best Hair Braiding Tutorials - Pull Through Braid Tutorial - Easy Step by Step Tutorials for Braids - How To Braid Fishtail, French Braids, Flower Crown, Side Braids, Cornrows, Updos - Cool Braided Hairstyles for Girls, Teens and Women - School, Day and Evening, Boho, Casual and Formal Looks


They just never told anyone. It was more fun to see their brothers and cousins flounder as McGonagall gave them detention for brilliant pranks that they were adamant they didn't pull, no matter how awesome.


Hey, roomie!

((Open RP? I'm a girl villain. Be the guy super hero roommate?)) I walk into my dorm, looking over at Chase. He was pacing. He looked up at me and sighed, walking over to me and pulling me into a hug. "Dear god Ariana, you scared me." "I'm sorry," I say, hugging back. He pulled away, looking at the bruises and cuts that covered my arms and spots of my face. "How did you get these?" He asked. "I, um, tripped." I lied.

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How to Calculate Troop Dues

One of the biggest questions I had starting out as a troop leader was how much do I charge for troop dues. It's not a number that you can just pull out of the air and if you are new to troop leading you might have similar questions like me. What are troop dues? Troop dues are what your girl scouts pay in addition to the yearly membership to keep the troop alive. When you first start your troop you will need to open a bank account. Running a troop cost money and it should never be at…