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Don't laugh...nobody wants to deal with a leaking toilet, but no need to call the plumber! is a great website that has outstanding step by step photo directions on how to do simple home repairs YOURSELF :) Why waste 200 bucks on a service call when you can fix it yourself and buy shoes instead!!! :)

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How To Repair A Toilet Flange Properly | Do you want to know how to repair a toilet flange? Read our blog and get this complete DIY guide from the best Westwood Hills KS plumbing company!

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How To Get Scratches Out Of DVDs/CDs: Bananas? Toothpaste? Wax? Which Methods Really Work

Can bananas get scratches out of DVDs & CDs? What about Armor All? Scratch Out that you use for cars? Find out which method works best to get your movies and CDs working again!!

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Fixing a constantly running toilet is something everyone needs to know how to do themselves. This DIY toilet repair guide will show you the things you need to check yourself to avoid calling a plumber. The inner workings of a toilet are quite simple and you don’t have to be a maintenance person to troubleshoot …

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How to Repair Common Problems with Toilets, Sinks and Tubs

How to Repair Common Problems with Toilets, Sinks and Tubs : Home Improvement : DIY Network

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DIY Toilet Flange Repair - Learn how to replace the toilet flange with this step by step how to I made while repairing a leaking toilet. You may want to use two wax rings when repairing the toilet so it doesn't leak again.

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