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How to apologize correctly. This is phrased in the context of marriage, but I think these rules of thumb are important for any kind of relationship with another human being. I struggle with a lot of these; it's a harsh, but nice, reminder to be a better person.


if only you knew how much you hurt me with the words "I have no clue" and you say to someone "you know how to pick them" should be the other way around. I cared and I loved you as my friend, but I guess it was a one way street. You are so welcome for all the stuff I did for you. Oh and when you get a chance please send my 40 bucks.


Everything I say comes out all wrong and I'm not trying to sound like this, I just don't know how I'm supposed to communicate and I'm sorry and I hate myself and I try to change, I really do, but I just keep messing up.


- Grab a plate and throw it on the floor. - Okay,done. - Did it break? - Yes. - Now, say sorry to it. - Sorry. - Did it go back to how it was before? - No. - Do you understand?


Every single person has at some point wondered if they are strange. Read on for 11 reasons to be weird and why you should never hide how weird you are.


AMEN. I totally agree with this. Not to people who deserve it


All of our personal relationships...deepen and strengthen when [we] remember to be curious about others' feelings instead of defensive. When someone says: "You hurt me" -- that's an invitation into her heart. When we respond with: "I'm sorry. I'm listening. Please tell me more" we get invited deeper. Can you imagine how much [better our relationships would be] if we could get curious about the pain of strangers instead of defensive? --Momastery


Why would he ask you to send what I post ??? All he had to do is look himself. ... I wasn't posting about you or your daughter like you claimed. If my quotes hit home sorry. So not buying that of course he did say that about you to on Wednesday but I was talking about the past. Not that he cared. I've given him all the bad you posted about him being awful dad to small penis etc online for world to see but it doesn't change how he still worships you evidently. Fool


Yes. "Never Apologize." I've always wondered how someone is suppose to right the wrongs they've done. I was always taught that if you make a mistake, if you hurt someone then you should make amends, that usually means saying I'm sorry. I think this explains it pretty well.

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Never Fill Her Ears - Beautiful Love Quote

If you love her never fill her ears with lies, her mouth with words, her eyes with tears, her mind with confusion and her heart with pain.