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Howard County Times

Patapsco Valley State Park

Former St. Mary's College Seminary, Patapsco Valley State Park, Howard County Maryland. I've been here very creepy place. Nick-name hell house.


Cashew Chicken

Yummy easy Cashew Chicken, just like take out!!

Historic Ellicott City - During the late 1700s, Ellicott's Mills was the largest flour milling center in the region. Today, the quaint town in Howard County, Maryland is known for its historic charm and a nice selection of antique and specialty shops and unique restaurants and cafes.


Genealogy Trails - Our goal is to help you track your ancestors through time by transcribing genealogical and historical data for the free use of all researchers. Free Data by state.


1960. 29 Avril. Senator John F. Kennedy made a campaign appearance at a farm in northwestern Howard County. The senator had lost his voice, and his speechwriter and aide, Theodore C. Sorensen, who would later become counsel to the president, read the speech


SIGNAL PEAK, Howard County Texas - named from early tales of Comanche smoke signals which could be seen from Muchaque Peak in Borden County, 36 miles away. Early landmark for nearby Moss Spring, buffalo hunters camps, Texas Rangers camp, and first cattle ranches. Photo made near Moss Spring, dated 1889.