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Hox gene - These genes determine how a particular section of a developing embryo will develop. The amazing fact is the high degree of homology between these genes between different organisms. In fact, one can replace the gene for wing development from a fruit fly with the same gene from a chicken and the fly develops normally! It doesn't grow chicken wings!


Chromosome 12: HOX genes of development, Tell the body how to "form itself".  We share DNA with fruitflies on this one.Matt Ridley :: DNA Learning Center.

Hox gene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Hox gene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Genomic Organization of the Hox Gene Cluster.

Fireflies! New Work Shines Light on Hox Genes Responsible for Firefly Lantern Development - Notion that Hox genes acquire new roles quickly, without compromising old ones, is novel. A firefly’s photic organ is functional throughout pupation and glows when the pupa is disturbed. Credit Armin Moczek and Matthew Stansbury.


Methods in Molecular Biology Vol.1196 Hox Genes Methods and Protocols | Sách Việt Nam


Hox Gene Expression (Paperback)

Hox Gene Expression

Hox Gene Research And New Data On How Fish Grew Feet**********************************

Hox genes (from an abbreviation of homeobox) are a group of related genes that control the body plan of the embryo along the anterior-poster...