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Nice graph of which browsers support which elements, though I am uncertain of how up to date it is

Adobe Flash vs HTML 5: Who Will Win this War infographic. To read the entire article pertaining to this idea, click on this link:


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Contenidos e-learning, la larga despedida de Flash o la vuelta al HTML.

Flash vs HTML5 by piehead For Best jQuery Plugins, HTML, CSS, Tips and Tutorials don't get to follow us @jquerypluginshd


Best Websites to check the broadband Internet speed We use internet every day and it has become an integral part of our life. Speed of Internet fluctuates every time but sometime it is too low. Sometimes when we open any webpage and it takes a lot of time to open then we just assume that our internet connection is slow but it may not be the fact. So in order to check whether your internet connection is slow or whether the website (which you are working on) is not responding you need some…