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‘Marbling’ is a characteristic of postmortem decomposition associated with bacterial gas and swelling of the body.This feature is usually seen 24-36 hours after death depending on the environment and is indicative of early stages of decomposition. It is produced by hemolysis of blood in vessels with the reaction of hemoglobin and hydrogen sulfide and the development of greenish-black discoloration of the vessels.


Life after death: the science of human decomposition

A rotting human corpse is the cornerstone of a complex ecosystem, a better understanding of which could have direct applications in forensic science


Here's what happens to your body after you die


+27785094655 Hager werken embalming powder made in Germany, available in Johannesburg South Africa. Embalming is the art and science of preserving human remains by treating them (in its modern form with chemicals) to forestall decomposition. The intention is to keep them suitable for public display at a funeral, for religious reasons, or for medical and scientific