I really like how closely this photo shows this person's face, and how you can see the individual tears. I also like how this photo is in black and white as it makes is more powerful. We could use a photo like this for a cover or indepth about an emotional topic. Hannah Menchel

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Just a little something about emotions and frequencies. Positive vs. Negative sort of thing ... http://www.findingauthentichappiness.com/images/emotionList.jpg

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Google Image Result for http://media.smashingmagazine.com/images/human-emotions-images/30-guyangryreally.jpg

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Expressive portraits of animals by Vincent Lagrange reflect powerful "human" emotions. #photography #animal

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http://www.alternet.org/personal-health/14-habits-highly-miserable-people 14 HABITS OF HIGHLY MISERABLE PEOPLE.

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Dr Paul Ekman has spent 50 years studying facial micro expressions of people around the world, including the isolated Fore tribesmen in Papua New Guinea. Dr Ekman found that human emotions and facial expressions are universally understood and biologically innate

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Here is a unique human emotions chart that shows the emotions by category or type, and by strength of emotions. Use for yourself, or for teaching, or whatever.

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