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Freak Show: Most Famous Circus Sideshow Performers

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HUMAN ODDITIES - Digital Printable Collage Sheet - Vintage Circus Freakshow Performers, Freaks & Geeks, Unusual Beauty, Digital Download

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'If you were to swap your hands and your feet for that of an animal, which would you choose?' I'm guessing he chose a pig and a thalidomide ridden monkey?

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Human oddity: half man - half woman. Bobby Kork was born a man and chose to become androgynous. He was a very popular performer in the 1940’s and was admittedly gay.

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8 Incredible Vintage Photos of 'Freaks' Who'd Rock AHS: Freak Show

American Horror Story: Freak Show redefined and found joy in what makes us 'freaks', often looking at real people throughout history for inspiration. Here's 9 vintage ...

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Freaks, Human Oddities, Freak Shows and Side Shows: Part I - Famous Freaks

Lobster Boy - another vintage circus "freak" He was a horrible abusive man to his family, ended up murdered. Description from I searched for this on

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Elizabeth Lyska (1878-1896) was a Russian teenager who was taller than seven feet. After her father died, Elizabeth toured Europe as a human oddity, to support her mother and siblings. She died at home, at age 19. Elizabeth Lyska is the subject of an art installation in Seattle right now, by paper artist Patty Grazini. (From the blog Letterology)

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