The Human Voice May Not Spark Pleasure In Children With Autism-The human voice appears to trigger pleasure circuits in the brains of typical kids, but not children with autism, a Stanford University team reports. The finding could explain why many children with autism seem indifferent to spoken words.

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Thanks to the folks at Take Lessons Today for creating and sharing this interesting infographic about the human voice. Interesting stuff! Interested in other music infographics? Check these out: Ho…

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Hiroshi Kamiya ~~~ Brilliant seiyuu. Hibiki from devil survivor 2, Izaya from durarara, souma from working, akashi from kuroko, otanashi from angel beats, natsume from natsume yuujinchou, gareki from Karneval, Levi from AOT, yato from noragami, art from hamatora and so many more!!

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Forget the cover letter; write a pain letter, instead - LIZ RYAN CEO & Founder, Human Workplace

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The Laser Surveillance Defeater is used as a countermeasure for laser surveillance, using human voice frequencies it ruins the laser surveillance results.

Till Human Voices Waken Us, A Wonderfully Creepy Octopus Painting by Scott Musgrove

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You already know how to write a resume. You put your contact info at the top and then list your jobs in reverse chronological order, with your education at the end. Done! What's the big deal? The big deal is that if you write your resume the way countless books and [...]

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Kanye Deconstructed. The connections between musical analysis and literary analysis are amazing!

via Storycorps: The Human Voice The great oral historian Studs Terkel was an inspiration to StoryCorps, and he was also an early participant in the project. In this animated short, he speaks out on what has been lost in modern life and where he sees hope for our future.

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