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No mercy.

I'm just picturing a Demon threatening a human and the humans just not having any of it and the Demon is trying increasingly frantic ways to scare the human.

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Thanks to the folks at Take Lessons Today for creating and sharing this interesting infographic about the human voice. Interesting stuff! Interested in other music infographics? Check these out: Ho…

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Quick video for students to watch when learning about the voice, vocal cords, larynx. Good homework assignment or Bell Ringer.

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bell hooks for the win. Always.

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Congress SHOULD NOT set their OWN salaries & benefits - it SHOULD be the role of a separate & independent bipartisan body.

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The Faces Behind 31 Disney Villains

Villians and their voice actors. You notice how the characters look remarkably similar to their actor/voice???

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Typical narcissist. They are fundamentally selfish, egocentric, and power-hungry. Though they lack empathy for others, they are ridiculously sensitive to criticism and often play the victim in order to manipulate people. It's all part of the disorder.

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Trump can dish it out but can't take it. He's the biggest snowflake of all.

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