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Map of Africa's Aridity Zones

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raising quail (for eggs).. and dinner! We loved watching them, dad raised many many of them

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The psychrometric chart displays several quantities: dry bulb temperature, dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, humidity ratio, specific enthalpy, specific volume, relative humidity, and water vapor pressure being the top nine. Also, barometric pressure (or equivalently, altitude) is given.

Air temp to humidity ratio

Poggio al Tesoro | In the Via Bolgherese vineyard, a light tilling of the soil keeps the ground cool and aerated, while at Le Sondraie, grass is grown between each row of vines (throughout winter and spring) to inhibit vigour and maintain the best possible temperature/humidity ratio.

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1. sensible heat is removed (no moisture condenses) 2. sensible heat is added (the humidity ratio and dew point are constant) 3. latent heat is removed (moisture is removed from the air) 4. latent heat is added (moisture is added to the air, but the dry bulb temperature is constant)

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SELF WATERING SYSTEM insures the right humidity ratio of the topsoil even in summer, without having to water every day (depending on the season and type of plant, the water reserve can last up to 7-30 days).

Anti-Humidity Hair Products

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Ratios of colony mass to thermal conductance of tree and man-made nest enclosures of Apis mellifera: implications for survival, clustering, humidity regulation and Varroa destructor - Springer

Tips for killing household mold and mildew naturally

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