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Just like the hunger games but a different plot and different characters. I'll assign characters and which district they come. There will be hunger games held as well. Each person will be given 4 fcs; 2 boys 2 girls. Message me for questions. :) tag people if they might be interested!! You can be a stylist and/or a person from any district 1-13


Ultimate Collection of Hunger Games Party ideas

Like to pretend you’re Jennifer Lawrence or test how well you can guess who said what quotes from Hunger Games? Celebrate the release of Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 with these awesome Hunger Games party activities and party games. Everything from DIY crafts you can do as a group to Hunger Games quotes you can print out and decorate. And how amazing is that first idea?


The Hunger Games-a thousand times better than Twilight, in my opinion drama/love story about sacrifices and commitment trailer:


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