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Hurricane andrew path

Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The path of a hurricane that starts in the open Atlantic Ocean and tracks northwestward. It curves westward while between Puerto Rico and Bermuda, eventually crossing The Bahamas and Florida. In the Gulf of Mexico, the track re-curves into Louisiana and stops over eastern Tennessee.

Satellite view of Hurricane Andrew sweeping across Florida (August 24, 1992). | Florida Memory


Hurricane Andrew August 24th.1992, I was down South in Louisiana when Andrew made Landfall there a lot of Damage there as well


0001Everyone knows how it feels when the lights go out at night and you cannot see anything. Hurricanes, Tropical Storms and severe Thunderstorms are among the list of events that can ruin just about anything in its path. I survived Hurricane Andrew and I had no clue what was coming after the storm was over. …

Hurricane Georges (pron.: /ˈʒɔrʒ/) was a powerful and long-lived Cape Verde-type Category 4 hurricane which caused severe destruction as it traversed the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico in September 1998, making seven landfalls along its path. Georges was the seventh tropical storm, fourth hurricane, and second major hurricane of the 1998 Atlantic hurricane season. It became the second most destructive storm of the season after Hurricane Mitch and the costliest since Hurricane Andrew in 1992


The 20th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew. Three views of Andrew on 23, 24 and 25 August 1992 as the hurricane moves East to West. Image Credit: NASA