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Hurricane symbol. Not the location I'd pick, but I like the style of it.

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Mini Hurricane Symbol Weather Symbol by DesignByTheStitches ...

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insertcheesywitchypunhere: “ Ok, witches! I gotta tell you about meteorological symbols! There’s one for every weather condition you can think of! You can probably find a longer list in the back of a dictionary, or just search Google images. • You...

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Weather - Differentiated Science Station Labs Bundle

5 science station labs covering a variety of middle school weather topics including high and low air pressure, convection currents, air masses and weather symbols, hurricane formation, and impact to ecosystems from natural disasters.

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Arrow Green Arrow Head Oliver Queen Symbol Handmade and Hand painted

Green Arrow Art,Head Oliver,Queen Symbol,Symbol Handmade,Stunning Jewellery,Beautiful Jewelry,Oliver Queen,Tiger Beetle,Arrow Head

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LOVE these!!! Pineapple Hurricane Lanterns @! 2 sizes: Large: 8-1/2" dia. x 17"H ($69.50) or Medium: 6-1/2" dia. x 12-1/4"H ($99.50)

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