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How to Get More Hydrangea Flowers

If you love hydrangeas, find out how to grow more beautiful blooms! Hydrangeas love water, but be careful about applying fertilizer (be sure it’s not too much, and that it is applied at the right time). To successfully grow hydrangea flowers, though, you need to know about your specific variety, so read our tips and tricks for caring for each type of hydrangea. Before long, your garden will be filled with lots of lovely hydrangea flowers.


Tips for growing Hydrangea

Tips for growing Hydrangea Hydrangea are one of my favorite shrubs. I ran across a great article on taking care of them at the Farmers Almanac. Here’s a link to their site if you want to see …


This Trick Will Magically Turn the Shade of Your Hydrangeas

The trick to changing the color of your hydrangeas from pink to blue and from blue to pink. You can do this yourself or buy products that take the guess work out of it. The white hydrangeas cannot change their color this way because it is genetic.


One plant, many colors! This is why I love hydrangeas!! Different soil Ph~~acid more blue & alkaline more pink