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Fancy!!......The Volksgarden® is a rotary hydroponics system in which plants are installed in a circular unit, growing toward a light source at the center. It has approximately 20 square feet of growing area, and holds up to 80 plants. Its most successful crops include a variety of herbs, leafy lettuces, chards, peppers, strawberries, eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers and some flower varieties.

pin 3 Symptoms of Micronutrient Deficiency in Plants - Plants need the right combination of nutrients to live, grow and reproduce. -- When plants suffer from malnutrition, they show symptoms of being unhealthy. Too little or too much of any one nutrient can cause problems.

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"hydroponic gardening" - In commercial and home applications, hydroponic gardening has proven itself a valuable way to conserve space and water when growing plants. This ul...

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Growing Green Onions, and Things I'm Thinking About (4-8-2014) [from]
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