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from Thyroid Nation

Hypothyroid Craziness And The Crazy Thyroid Lady

Being hypothyroid, I'm now convinced that, after four years of not getting the proper hormones, to my cells, I have severe health issues!

Hypothyroid Testing: What You Need To Know and Ask For

300+ Hypothyroidism Symptoms…Yes REALLY – Chronic Diseases


A FirstLaugh: How to Cure Hypothyroidism!!!

Hypothyroidism levels and cholesterol connection

from The Paleo Mama

7 Supplements to Subdue Hypothyroidism

7 Supplements to Subdue Hypothyroidism |

Vertigo (the sensation that the room is spinning or rotating), tinnitus (noises that seem to come from the ear that no one else hears), and hearing loss often occur in hypothyroid patients. In fact…