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I'm done, so fucking done. You say we will forever be friends ... No sir, no we won't. We will have the necessary contact needed for you to spend time with Harley since you claim you want to be a part of her life forever (at least that's what you say in private, that's not what you say to your so called friends". I would never take her away from you but as for you and I ... We are nothing more than 2 people who used to be in a half faked "relationship".


"I'm done being the only one that tries to make things work. I'm done texting people first. So we'll see who actually cares about me and checks in on me"


r.h. Sin r.h.sin

In looking back, this was always my modus operandi....not ignoring...get that through your misproportioned ego...SO VERY DONE.


Im trying to be your friend and civil with you after everything that happened - you seem to think your the ONLY one hurting....than again im not surprised .... seems you cant even be mature about this. well im done contacting you. done sending you things. done trying to stay in touch. you threw away my stuff, so im changing how i feel about you all together. done done done. chapter closed. have a nice life. goodbye.


Yep. He figured that out today, it was him crying and begging. I'm done. . Now it's just a matter of time. I can't take much more. Shape up, or ship out!