I'm sorry I can't keep a friendship, sorry I'm a worthless, embarrassing, annoying, dumb, slow, idiotic loser that nobody wants to be around, so sorry for being myself, I don't care if you don't like me but don't you dare go hurting me, don't you dare go talking behind my back, just stop hanging around me if I'm that horrible, let me go if I'm so worthless to you, just stop with me

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So much truth in this. I'm sorry for stirring things up again, I know I cant have you back, I accepted that a while back, I just wanted you to know that I still love you and that I'm sorry I let you walk out my door, biggest mistake I've ever made. My distraction isn't working anymore.

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sorry im a mess..this sounds like something my son has said.his heart is so heavy.pray 4 him♡lord hear our prayers♡heal his heart,make him a strong believer n jesus name amen♥

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Im sorry i was not what u wanted muffin.. im sorry i was not "that" guy.. im sorry i wasnt better.. im sorry...

I’m sorry I’m such a failure mom ,dad and all my friends.......I'm such a failure to my family and they know I am...I'm sick of living I hope I die soon.

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Sometimes I feel like I bug people when I tell them about my problems,I'm sorry if i annoy you and am being clingy

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