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I'm sorry you're super sensitive to everything about me.

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((Fc: Shawn Mendes)) Hey i'm Shawn! I am 16 and single. I have a twin named Dawson and older sister named Bea. I am a singer and also do Vines and YouTube Videos. So I'm addicted to music, vine, and YouTube. Introduce?

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Can We Guess Which Fifth Harmony Girl Is Your Favourite?

Hey i am Camilla call me cami i am 17 and single i have a twin brother and older brother and a younger sister i am a soccer player and i'm a cheerleader i am a singer in fifth harmony i am happy nice and outgoing introduce

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singer sewing machine table could be repurposed into a precious little dining table for a tiny studio apartment.

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Both Sade & her music embodies my idea of female sensuality, beauty and strength. Sade's music is a staple when I am creating a sensual environment.

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Sohyang shocks Korea with her cover of “I Have Nothing” on ‘I Am a Singer 2′ - O M G why cant I sing like that? that was awesOME!!!!!

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3. I love to sing a lot when I was small. I will sing when I am happy and sad. Being good in singing is one of my dreams. That's why I wish I have deeper and more sentimental voice~

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Hello lovelies, my name is Madison banks. I'm 18 and single but looking. I am a model and a singer. I have five other siblings. I'm. Huge shopper and I love Starbucks. In the banks family I'm the third oldest. My mom is a fashion designer and my dad is a movie director. Introduce?

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"炽烈金嗓" 黄致列苦嗓混搭中国风 走心演绎《默》爱不将就—《我是歌手》第四季第5期单曲纯享 I Am A Singer 4【湖南卫视官方版】