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Look around these boards! Do I look normal to you?! Do I fit a mold? I am no sheep... I am weird, I am eccentric, I am nerdy, and I am different. What I am NOT is disingenuous. I am who and what I am…the right people love that.


I never abandoned what I give to this world, no matter what was done to me. And what I have given and continue to give, I receive continuously. I am blessed.


If you knew me in the past, please do not think that I am the same person that you are meeting today. I have experienced more of life, I have encountered new depths in those I love, I have suffered an

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Badass! 15 Things Bold, Fearless Alpha-Women Do Differently

I am an alpha-female. This is why I achieve more than others. It is why I do not tolerate bullshit. It is why the only person I compete with, is myself. I do not play the victim. I do not need another person to survive in this world, as I am not co-dependent. I know when to walk away from something or someone who is not worthy of my time. Thank you, Wendy, for reminding me how awesome I am!


I am not pretty like the others girls or smart like them. I am different in so many ways - some bad and some good And i can cry all day bc i am a foolish, emotional stupid girl who have a crush on a guy who not like her back and i waste like 10 years of my life by doing nothing important to anybody and that i am always in my room hearing songs of a band that i will never meet.. Or that i can get up from bed and start to do something in my life bc when i cry about myself its the most…


I knew that if I allowed fear to overtake me, my journey was doomed. Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story from the one women are told. I decided I was safe. I was strong. I was brave. Nothing could vanquish me. — Cheryl Strayed


Perhaps it is somewhat arrogant of me to assume that he misses me equally. Perhaps not. It was a one time, first heartbreak kind of thing. He truly changed who I am. I am yet to know if it was for the better or worse, but He himself can only say. Perhaps someday we will meet at a different time, in a different place where we don't have to play Romeo and Juliet behind the watchful eyes of family. I miss you. I'm sorry it ended this way, when it wasn't a choice for either you or I. Missing…