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I have been extremely ill and yet as I am always expected to - I carry on with life and work like I am supposed to even though I am struggling and feel entirely overwhelmed and am not coping because I am an adult and that is what adults do. Not allowed to take a break from all these things because I have Anorexia, yet Anorexia is totally breaking me


I am done with crying. I am done with trying. I am not tired of loving you but I am tired of trying to make you love me back.I am tired of these long chases which lead me to nowhere. I am tired of waiting for a rainbow to shine through us. I will never stop loving you but yes

from Painted Teacup

15 Quotes People Living with Anxiety Will Understand

Quote people living with anxiety can relate to. Check out 14 more anxiety related quotes by clicking the image! I am exhausted from trying to be stronger than I feel. -Unknown. Mental health awareness. Anxiety quote. mental health quote


I am like this... If you don't invite me to things I won't feel very welcome if I am sort of invited.

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{Today I am tired of fighting. I am tired of having to swallow pain. I am tired of knowing that my husband ran off with someone who brags she's better than me. I'm tired of being a laughing stock. I'm tired of all the truths he's twisted into lies. I'm tired of being the loser wife that was discarded for the fresh replacement. I am just so damned tired of it all. Because really, I was already exhausted to begin with from having to live with so much BS from him for so long already.}


If you think I will fight with you then you are wrong…. I am done… done wishing… done asking… done expecting anything from you… NOW… I have made myself so strong and I will not depend on you for my happiness…. I am today’s woman… a strong woman and I know what I deserve… from …