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***10/14/16 ABBY "09 Abby" - URGENT - Stark County Dog Warden in Canyon, Ohio - ADOPT OR FOSTER - Young Female Pit Bull - I have lots of energy and love to run and play. Although everyone has been kind to me here, I am really longing to leave this place and go to my own home with a family. My family never taught me many commands. I do know sit, but I need help with jumping up to greet people. Hey, I am young and willing to learn what you teach me!

Fun idea for displaying your Mickey ears (some do look like works of art!)

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I am so excited to share a little slice of our home today, starting with our kit

cool I am so excited to share a little slice of our home today, starting with our kit... by


Will gave me this for Valentines so it's going on my library shelf at home. Great stories and inspiring.


I Am... I Said - Neil Diamond "I am I said, to no one there, and no one heard not even the chair"


Free Printable - With You - I am Home - Hymns and Verses


I Clink, Therefore I Am Glass Set

I Clink, Therefore I Am Glass Set. You cant help but feel the elation of celebration when sipping out of one of these glasses - and whomever you cheers with will surely agree! #gold #prom #modcloth

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My dream home office

Now that I am working from home, as a blogger and freelance writer, my attention in our new home is being drawn more towards my office. I am lucky that we have the space downstairs to have an office, for I do love having somewhere that is dedicated to my working area. At the moment it is quite a plain, dull space – magnolia walls and old furniture that doesn’t really compliment the new-build home we now live.. in.


I am so excited to finally share my apartment tour with y'all! My friend Emma over at E...