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Really really really sorry but doesn't Tati mean father?<<daddy


Thank you guys so so much for 10k! I'm really sorry I don't have anything special to post, nor am I able to take a goodlooking photo right now! But I just wanted to say thank you for following! For all your kind words when I am hurt or feeling down! Having bookstagram and you guys as support really lifts my mood everytime! Lots of love and hugs to all of you lovely people ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


MAGNUS ANIMATED!! *The Bane Chronicles written by @cassieclare @sarahreesbrenna @maureenjohnson * I am.. really sorry for the sketchyness. I haven’t tackled an animation in a LONG time. Errr sorry. But I tried! I flexed my artistic muscles a bit? Celebrating the Bane Chronicles with a bit of motion!


Guys, sorry if you find this out of place but I’m trying to earn money to achieve my dream in moving to England and continue my studies on art and design there. Thing is I live in Venezuela and economic issues here are a big deal so if you can help me donating a bit it would help a lot. I am also up to design some work for you or give you advertising on my blog if you want something in return. But even if it is just one dollar it is really helpful for me. Bless your soul and thank you for…


I really want to take back every word I said to this girl after watching markiplier, but school years over.... and she's moving. Now she will never know how sorry I am


I'm sorry, Loki, I really am. But, um, Faramir faced the same thing and instead of going rogue and killing thousands of people, he helped Frodo, obeyed his father, and helped save his city. Just sayin'. <---- Faramir WINS. 'Nuff said.