Tired of crying myself to sleep

He comes off as strong, but he fell asleep crying. He acts like nothing is wrong, but maybe He's just really good at lying.

the only way to continue floating on...

If all media would ignore the Liberal Temper tantrums.they would fade.like a misbehaving Toddler, all they want is the attention.but, we have a large Liberal Biased Media who LOVE stoking the fire.

Quote in depression: My body and heart weren´t made for this. I´m tired of being tired and I´m tired of being sad. www.HealthyPlace.com

Every time im struck with this hollowing sadness my heart strings pull tighter around my heart as if its trying to give way to save my sanity

I am so tired of being alone and not feeling wanted. I just want somebody to hold and to kiss goodnight.

Every day every min I just feel empty, I'm tired of being alone in life, I want someone that would love me the way I will love them, someone to talk to and share dreams together and walk through this life hand in hand.