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love death depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely pain hurt alone hate self harm self hate cut cutter cutting die dead cry dying nothing tears sadness useless worthless self destruction pathetic unwanted unloved

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Twice was enough for me in my life. Today, things are much different because I did it God's way, not my own. Thankful <3 I pray for those whose hearts are longing for His comfort, and His love that will never leave!

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I hate you.... a million peanut M&M's.... funny how I used to say I love you a million peanut M&M's...

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I really hate you for what you did to me yet there's that small 1% that makes me still love you :/

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So so perfect... This is interpreted as me being dramatic, but I'm just trying to figure it out.... I'm sorry.

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True love is selfless love - putting the needs of the other person ahead of your own, even if what they want is contrary to what you want.

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goodbye lonely tired alone hate broken sick self harm empty not good enough left alone i hate myself for you hate myself not good Little Things im sorry Hate My Life Wish I Was Dead not pretty self harming not beautiful Come Back Be Here Hate my body enought goodbye my friends hate in the world sick of lies love is unfair i wont back

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April 14, 2014. We met, we fell in love. You were the only family I had this year. They are still gone, It's been 7 years. You were home. You were the pieces of my soul I found comfort in. You were the smile that replaced my own for me when I couldn't. You got bored of my "sad, quiet, prude" self. I fixed you. You broke me. Boxing Day. You saw her, you followed her into the bathroom alone that night while I watched. You promised she was a friend yet tonight your sleeping next to her…

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Ha! Good luck with that! I don't give too much power to anything that's going to put me in the negz. If it bothers me to much and it demands power, I give it enough power to have it go over a cliff. Wipe my hands and sayonara Baka negz.

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