How to curl your hair without having to dry it and use a hot curling iron. Really cool, you should try it out.

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Plum Hair with rosegold peekaboo highlights. Great way to cheat on corporate America hahaha

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Them: I like your hair straight. Me: You gon like whatever comes out of this bonnet.

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Yes!!!! I would wear my hair down all the time but nooooooo the rest of my hair has to be a jerk!

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If you like your hair to have a little more frizz and volume so I always put my oil before cream! On the on the other hand if you like a more defined curl put your cream before oil! Either way if your taking care of your hair it will come out amazing! The choice is always yours!

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La mujer más bella del universo. "Elizabeth Taylor is a timeless style icon. Steal her style secret and draw your outfit in at the waist to create shape and flatter your figure."

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curl hair in mermaid waves, make two large messy/loose braids to connect around at the back of head. Now take the left side of your hair hanging beneath the braid and pull it over and then under to the right of the leftside braid. Viola! Now your hair sits prettily to the right, mermaid loose wonderfulness! You can do on left side if you like your hair to sit there more than the right side. (:

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